Saturday, August 03, 2013

What I Have Learned So Far

Looking back, I can see how afraid I was. How worried about my children I was. How filled with angst I was. Standing at another major precipice in my life, I can see things a little differently now. My baby is getting ready to go off to college, and I am still trying to wrap my head around that. How has Kuwait been, then? I thought my eldest would have the hardest time adjusting-that she would hate it with its restrictions and limitations. I was wrong. She is really sad to be leaving to go off to college. She made excellent friends and created a safe and close world to nurture her through her high school years. In a time where her peers in the US were getting into all sorts of troubles, she was able to avoid all of that and focus, well mostly, on herself and school. So I am thankful for that, Kuwait- thank you!