Wednesday, September 07, 2011


What to do about time's evanescent nature? Shall we succumb, give up on attempting to catch its flying coat tails where we might have ridden into tomorrow in comfort, watching the events of the moments play out like a slow-moving dream?
It seems to be that the moments of my life have accelerated to such a point that there is not much room for enjoying the ride anymore. No way to kick back and take in the aroma of the flowers nor the pleasure of a languorous respite. Those days are long gone- misty memories from a childhood spent in boundless hours and days of adventure and happiness.
And so I wonder: do our children, all of our children have any moments like that? Do they have time when there are not responsibilities and deadlines looming? Are there times when they feel free to be themselves without the prying, judging eyes of their peers? Is there space for not caring about what brand of bag, shoes, or clothes that they wear?
I am worried about children in general but my own specifically. I don't know if there is a difference between time here and Kuwait. Do kids in the US have more or less time to live than in Kuwait? There are many more diversions in the US, and so I think that that could serve to either slow down or speed up time. There are more opportunities to have help in your homes and lives here in Kuwait, but does that help or hinder? So I wonder, is it that the measure of time is subjective, leaving some to relish and stretch out into its shadow, while others are spent and breathless in its vanishing vapor?