Friday, January 15, 2010

Family, Time, and Life

I have been a spectator to time's evanescent nature, as my parent's visit came and went so expediently that I was never able to settle into the luxury of their stay.
It was the first time that they came to visit that I was working and unable to spend the entire time with them. My only hope is that it was beneficial for them to not have anything to do and therefore be forced to just relax. It was a strange turn of events to have me going off to work and my father at home. Reminds me of the Cat's in the Cradle song.
I think at some point, it would be really nice to move closer in towards the city. We are just too far away to make going out any pleasure at all. The driving is still hair-raising, and I fear that I may get in trouble someday with my 'expressive' nature. Although, I have held myself back from using any American, quickly recognizable gestures, and have chosen instead more colorful Italian ones. :)
Anyway, life keeps playing regardless of its players, which could seem cruel and indifferent at times, but I find it permissive instead. I think that that essence is what sometimes encourages me to duck out because I recognize that quality in this life and sometimes view my participation as detached. Of course, in reality I know that it is not, that however tenuous my connection to the world is, my connection to its inhabitants, namely my family is not. Further, I know that my footprint in their lives and hearts is indelible, much as my families' are in my own. And that which might seem a simple act: a hug, smile, or acknowledgment at a tender moment, lives on beyond my delicate tether.
Thank you to my family, all of you, for being my teammates, for keeping me grounded, and for etching into my life some beautiful memories.

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