Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Indonesian maid ban an 'insult' to Kuwait"...If the Shoe Fits...

Hellloooooo????? Why worry so much about Kuwait's reputation if there is a VALID concern that needs to be addressed. I mean, don't worry about what earrings you are going to wear if you're naked!
Ever wonder why there are so many careless, clueless maids "falling" off the balconies of their sponsors' houses? Or why there are so many maids running away seeking asylum in their respective embassies?
Again, I will say, if the shoe fits people, if the shoe fits!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Extended Hiatus-No End in Sight

I suppose when one starts working again, whatever synchronicity one previously, maybe mistakenly supposed that one had, is totally upset, overturned. I am not operating under any delusions here, and I have not thoroughly convinced myself that I indeed had anything in sync, but hindsight has me waxing nostalgic.
Setting foot back in the classroom, even if it is one that is across many waters and lands, is a familiar, wonderful, if not overwhelming experience. I love the expectant, anxious faces that await me on day one. I too, am beset by a multitude of competing feelings, leaving me slightly nauseated, although I hope, not visibly so.
I have been pleasantly surprised that my college students have been most welcoming and interested, for the most part, in me and what we are embarking on in this class. Sure, there are some cultural differences that can be at the same time, intriguing, frustrating, perplexing, and maddening. I would even venture that they might say the same of me.
First of all, 'tardy', what the heck is that? And forget about homework; they just ain't having it. Most of all, don't even think about wrenching the most beloved of possessions, the Blackberry, from their grasps; it is a task too monumental for mere mortals to achieve.
Beyond all of that they are wonderful, endearing, and charming young people.
I really can't complain at all.