Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Yale Criticized for Not Publishing Controversial Cartoons

So the Danish cartoons rear their ugly heads again, but this time it is in the US and at Yale. Yale University decides not to include these cartoons in a publication about the ensuing violence triggered by the original cartoons' debut. They have consequently been roundly criticized as being cowards, due to the fact that Yale has listed fear of violence as a reason for not printing them.

What really bothers me about this all, aside from the cartoons themselves, is the fact that people could not accept how offensive and disgusting these cartoons are to millions of people around the world and then have that be the reason for not airing them again. I hate that the fear of violence is the only reason for not printing them. I hate that they were printed in the first place, and I hate that people reacted in such a way as to give the cartooner's intent a wrongly perceived and placed validity.