Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perhaps the Truth about Swine Flu

Interesting background and not so available information about this global worry -click on the link for more to the story of the Swine Flu....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What is Being Said About Cleanliness in Kuwait

Judging just by what is being said in Kuwait Times, it is apparent that there is a big disconnect between the powers that be here, and reality!

Mahboula residents suffer from municipality's negligence

...Driving on these roads is damaging to the cars," said Metwali, an Egyptian expat who lives in Mahboula with his family. "The area is filled with garbage and it isn't taken care of. When we the residents asked about it, we were told that the cleaning company's contract has expired. This didn't make sense to us; how come the health and safety of the residents can be dependent on a contract with some cleaning company? Did any officials ever check before the contact ended? This isn't a simple matter than can be neglected this easily.(...)

Municipality hosts 'To Make Kuwait Clean' workshop

The Kuwait Municipality held a workshop titled, 'To Make Kuwait Clean' at its premises yesterday. During the workshop, different issues like the renewing the contracts of cleaning companies were discussed. "The level of cleanliness in Kuwait is excellent, so we always aim at making Kuwait more beautiful," said Dr. Fadhil Safar, Minister for Municipality Affairs and Public Works during the workshop.(...)

Special needs children clean Salmiya marine environment

...The activity also aimed to increase the public's general awareness about the dangers associated with pollution on coastal and marine environments. It also aimed to teach children with disabilities about volunteer work and serving society by adopting good habits that include keeping the environment they live in clean.(...)