Monday, January 12, 2009

Killing My Laundry

Does anyone know what the heck is wrong with the water in Kuwait? And if so, how to remedy it? I am so sick of the water killing the colors in our laundry. All of the colors fade and the cotton pills (makes small balls). I don't think it is the detergent because we have tried all of the different kinds and nothing helps. I am assuming that either there is too much chlorine or the water is too hard...I don't know...anyone?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A New Holocaust

Well, I will say it. I am so disgusted, horrified, and enraged by the way Israel arrogantly flaunts their wealth and military might over a subjugated people, by the way they blatantly lie about the murder and genocide that they are perpetrating. And this is NOT about religion. This is about an EVIL agenda.
Is there a real difference between them and the Nazis? No, there isn't. Why did we always learn about the Holocaust in school?.....Oh yeah, because we don't want it to be repeated....hmmm. Never forget. Never forget.
Maybe somebody didn't quite get that there are other people in the world just as important as they who deserve to live in dignity just as much as they do.
If we remain quiet, we are complicit, and I am not complicit. I will not be cowered by the fear of being called 'anti-semetic'.
Hello, the Arabs are semites too!!!!

I will NEVER forget seeing Ehud Olmert on Nightline, when he was the 'mayor' of Jerusalem. He told Ted Kopel, and I paraphrase, that the Palestinian people were 'not the same as you and me' they were 'different'. I was so happy when Ted got visibly maddened and told him that they were indeed the same and that their mothers and fathers wanted their children to have a chance at life and safety too.
I shuddered and thought, if someone like that ever got a larger audience, he could be really dangerous....

May God help the oppressed all over the world.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Our Wake Up Call

Every now and then something happens that wakes us from a somnambulant state and forces us to see the world around us.
Sometimes it is a personal tragedy: the death of a loved one, the sickness of a friend, the dissolution of a marriage that was deemed idyllic.
And other times it is the rumblings of the world around us which tell us, all is not right.
This may manifest as natural disasters, societal discord, epidemics, etc.
What does it take, though, for a collective stirring, a wake-up call for the masses?
Does life have to smack us personally in the face before we take notice of suffering around us?
Too often we feel insulated and removed from the incident. Too often we feel lethargic, apathetic. So often we feel that when the television goes blank, so follows the world.
But lives continue to be destroyed; children are killed, or orphaned, or hungry; people are praying with their last breaths for their family's safety; and we, we sleep on...
But try as many may to ignore the suffering of those whom some even consider insignificant, it will come back to haunt them.
Indeed, it will come to haunt us all.
For, although the hand may remain complacently still, the heart is indelibly imprinted upon, and will circulate the bereft mothers' cries into an empty night,
until no one is left sleeping.

God help us to help; help us to care.