Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Weather is Here...

I won't continue on with Jimmy's lyrics 'cause they don't fit entirely right.
But what is up with the weather here...can you say, steambath?
Sure, I knew you could. (a little allusion to the old SNL)

Suffice it to say that we arrived in Kuwait around 48 hours ago, and after making my way around in a semi-somnambulant state, I can positively say that I am thoroughly not adjusted!

The flight across the pond was very turbulent! What is it with BA? They don't come on to say anything to the passengers about what is going on up there in the cockpit?! Maybe it is the overly circumspect nature of us Americans, but heck, I want to know if we are going down so I can panic!
The ever-cool British pilot just remarked upon landing that that was some bad turbulence we went through back there, and it 'wasn't fun, was it?'!

Anyway, after being back for only one day, husband o' mine had to take off for Hamburg, leaving me to fend for myself to get ready for Ramadan, school, and settling back into Kuwait, gee thanks, Hon.
As he usually does, when he has to leave me here and travel for business, he tries to downplay where ever he goes; like when he went to Paris recently and said, "There's nothing much here, just basically one street."!
So, today, after spending a harrowing 25 minutes trying to get my exhausted and nearly comatose sleeping daughter to open her door and after failing, basically dismantling the faceplate and lock, I pick up the phone and give him a call; I ask him, "How is Hamburg?" and he says, "Oh, not much here, but I really didn't see too much, you know, just from the hotel to the conference....but the weather is nice."
Great, Hon, enjoy yourself. Meanwhile the water guy is breathing down my back for waiting for 'Sir' to come home- can't he talk to me if we owe him? And the car washing guy and the grass cutting guy continue to dispute and argue over who keeps moving the car washing guy's bucket. I am afraid that it will soon come to blows.

Hurry home... the weather is here.

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