Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Dance

What is it about packing that pits husband against wife, mother against child? I think this is one time where personality and cultural differences become almost insurmountable, I admittedly aggrandize.
Never-the-less, I have watched as my husband works himself into a tizzy to symmetrically tape the edges of the boxes he is packing...no, not enough tape on the right edge, the left edge had more! I must wrap it around the complete circumference a full three times!

Man, his inner dialog must be killer. I keep telling him, he doesn't ever hear me when I ask him something because those voices in his head are soooooooo demanding and noisy!
He, the ever-perfectionist; I, cannot be bothered! I mean, when you are dealing with three children's needs, who has time to worry about color-coding suitcase tags? I am just fortunate to get to the airport with the kids, our carry-ons, PSP's, in-flight junk food, iPods, laptops, cameras, sippy cups, diaper bags, emergency diversion supplies, sans migraine, and I feel vindicated.
Ahh, God must have a great sense of humor!


Intlxpatr said...

LLLOOOOLLLL, Carly, I'm your husband! I'm the uptight one, the one packing all the boxes! Thank God I am not married to someone like me.

Stinni said...

I always manage to leave things behind. Last year is was a few shirts at my mother's house, and a whole load of laundry in the dryer at our rental home. Thankfully my mother went over to get the clothes after she dropped us of at the airport.

Have a safe flight.

Carly said...

Hey intlxpatr,
I guess one person has to be the neat freak. :)He keeps me grounded, I guess.

Hey Stinni,
Glad to see you. I do the same, if I am without my husband, but of course he does the check and recheck bit with me. Ahhh, anal retention has its benefits sometimes. :)