Monday, August 11, 2008


Elias Ahmad and
Adib Fattal

I recently stumbled across the work of the above Syrian artists. I love to *find* art. I mean, to some these artists are well-known, just not to me, hence the *finding* applies.
Anyway, all around the world people are finding ways to express themselves and make their world beautiful. This is a segue from my previous post on going green. There are many ways of tending to one's environment. Recycling and cleaning it up are basic, mandatory aspects; however, so is adorning it with human expression and beauty.
A sadly-noted, missing aspect of life in Kuwait is the outward expression of the human experience. That may be manifest in visual, musical, architectural art, and countless other ways. While I am aware that many tremendously talented Kuwaiti artists are out there, there doesn't seem to be much of a forum for them in the public realm.
I wonder why that is...after all Islam says "God is beautiful and He loves the beauty-maker"


teach said...

I'm really sorry- I actually like the paintings, but I did think when I began to read the post, that they had been done by your children as a summer activity....

Carly said...

LOL, that would be great if they had been! :)