Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Am I the Only Chicken---- Out There?

Granted, I am in the US now, but the news I am reading sounds ominous at best. What is the word 'on the street' about the possibility of a regional conflict due to Iran blocking the Strait of Hormuz? Are the Kuwaiti people taking this as seriously as it sounds like they should? The paper today said:
'"...Firstly, the procurement and distribution of medical supplies." For example, he noted, "If there is a nuclear leak from one of Iran's nuclear reactors we need to have stockpiled iodine.

He said, "Kuwait must have emergency medical teams ready to deal with such situations who are equipped with supplies ready in all areas of Kuwait who are ready to deal with every contingency." Secondly, Kuwait would have to "stockpile food and have alternative routes to import food into Kuwait." stated Khathor.
He noted if regional violence broke-out, it may be difficult to rely on airplanes and alternative land routes would have to be made available. "Kuwait would need to procure more trucks for this purpose." Khathor affirmed that the state's Ministry of Commerce has already begun preparations by increasing the strategic food supply and limiting food exports."...


Bavaud said...

Hey, How's it goin!

Yeah new blogger here :-P

To be honest i really really doubt that our Gov. is/or would be ready if such a scenario took place in the persian gulf. And like... if we're not ready at this stage especially after all that's been going on... then there's probably a smaller chance that we would be any time soon!
As for an event of nuclear leakage? I guess all we can do at the moment is hold our fingers crossed!

Thanks ;o)

Carly said...

Hey bavaud,
Thanks for commenting! Although, you have just strengthened my worries! :P I stopped by your blog, but I can't read Arabic, sorry. :(