Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Satire or Mind Control?

I have to say it... I know the New Yorker is a sophisticated publication, but the supposed attempt at 'satire' is sadly, perhaps *paranoidly*, suspicious to me.

I think it is condescending for their response to the response of offended people to be, "You just didn't get it. It is satire!"
And I do think that there might have been a more sinister attempt at subliminal stimulation: If we place these images in front of people they will subconsciously start to associate Obama with Muslim, anti-American, terrorism, etc. And we can just say, "Hey, man it's satire...come on!"

Now, the real question is why. Why would a magazine that has historically been liberal and Democrat-leaning do this to the Democrat candidate. Well, I won't spell it out, but some group out there is really nervous about getting someone in office who just might not cotton to the status quo.

Comorbid with the insidious political aim is the damage and the deep offense that the New Yorker seems to pay no heed to that they inflict upon the 7 plus million Muslims in the US alone. Do you think that if it were any other religion depicted in such a negative light that people would remain silent?

Really, I hope there is no emotional, hysterical response to this cartoon, rather a well-thought out manifestation of the true, peaceful and beautiful Islam.


daggero said...

shhhhhhhhh quiet , dont tell anyone ,but we are finally going to get a muslim in the white house ....
the plan is working.....
weepyyyyyyyyyyyy doooooooooooo

God Bless America

Carly said...

LOL, I guess that is what 'they' think.

intlxpatr said...

With all the damage George Bush has done to the USA, I don't think even this cover can hurt Obama. Great minds, Carly, I posted the same thing at the same time you did! :-)

Carly said...

I hope you are right about that; although, I am dreading the smear attempts that will inevitably ensue.
Thanks! :)