Friday, May 30, 2008


It conjures up memories of baking cakes and cookies with my grandmother and great-aunt; 'Granny' on the Beverly Hillbillies used to dab it behind her ears; I used to sniff it to almost intoxicating levels when I was a child,
and I oh so miss it now.
I have been trying to pretend that I really don't need it, but my charade is over. I have been making chocolate chip cookies and fudge and so forth for the kids, sans vanilla extract, but the jig is up.
I am contemplating making Tiramisu for dessert and I just don't know how to go about it with that powered vanilla stuff. I have looked for the vanilla pods too but with no success. I have even hit up other expats for an extract connection... :( Nothing!
I never thought something so simple and pure as vanilla would be so painfully absent.
Ideas anyone?


Stinni said...

I've found vanilla beans at Sultan Center but they're hard to come by and extremely expensive.

They have bottled vanilla "essence" here and that's what I use.

A lot of recipes in Italian call for vanilla sugar/powder and I admit, I use that - the kind that comes in packets.

I have a vanilla bean from Italy just sitting in my cabinet, it's yours if you want it - I won't use it before I leave to the States.

Jewaira said...

Can't help you with the vanilla but am glad to see that you're still posting.

Hope you're doing well

Anonymous said...

They do sell Foster Clark vanilla essence in the baking aisle of most supermarkets. I have also sean vanilla beans at the gourmet corner inside the Shamiya coop. Hope this helps.

Carly said...

Hey Stinni!
Thanks for the offer. We are leaving in less than 2 weeks so I think I will hold out. Hope yall have a great time in the US!
Hey Jewaira,
Good to see u too! Thanks.
Anon, thanks. I will go check it out.

daggero said...

carly ; there is a bit of vanilla in kuwait's history , you see in the early seventies someone noticed that there is a run on vanilla extracts sold in those cute little bottles , people were purchasing them by the box and the company selling it couldnt keep up with demand ,after market research they discovered that some of the locals found out that the vanilla extracts sold in the small bottles contained ,you guessed it, alcohol which makes the cake rise, and the consumers were buying it in cartons to consume it as a beverage .The scandal broke out and the government banned the import of Vanilla. Sadness befell the kitchens across the land as the kuwaiti cakes wouldnt rise anymore . Thats a true story .

Speaking of cakes ,i have a question for you , who makes and sells the meanest banana bread in kuwait ????

Carly said...

Thanks for the history daggero. I figured it was something along those lines. :)
As for the banana bread, hmmm...I, sadly, have not seen it in Kuwait, sorry. :(