Sunday, December 16, 2007

Parents are Coming!

Hello all,

I am just putting out an open call for advice as to where to take my parents around Kuwait when they come on Dec. 28th. We have been thinking of taking a quick trip to Jordan to see Petra and other sites for a few days, but would like to get some ideas from any of yall who have favorite restaurants or sites around KW. My parents are not into malls or shopping, unless it is of traditional middle-eastern flair. Both of them are into art, literature, music, etc.
Any help is appreciated!


Stinni said...

Tareq Rajab Museum - my parents liked that place.

They also liked the Red Fort (I think that's what it's called) up in Jahra.

Small art galleries are around town but don't know of any of them, sorry.

Souk Mubarkiya - the traditional outdoor souk in Kuwait City.

If your parents like Lebanese food, my favorite place is Berdawny (lots of spelling variations on that word!) in Salmiya.

Take them to Dubai, they have indoor skiing! :) Truly, they will be impressed with Dubai.

Stinni said...

P.S. Your parents sound cool.

Carly said...

Hey Stinni,
Thanks so much! I will definitely look into all of those places. And thanks, I think my parents are cool, sort of intellectual hippies. :)

Intlxpatr said...

Stinni mentioned all my favorite spots to take guests, but also the Al Kout Mall in Fehaheel which has a fish market and is so UN-mall-y, and Tanureen restaurant in Fehaheel, which has little private booths and a cool play area for the kids.

The Science Museum on the Corniche, and the Sadu house.

I bet just visiting your husband's family will be fascinating for them, too!

Mirror Polisher said...

Agree with Stinni and Intxpatr.

Try also the National Museum.

My fav restaurants is Mais AL-Ghanium on Gulf Street

Carly said...

Thanks Intlxpatr. I will look into Tanureen. I love Al Kout too. You are right about my parents; I think they will definitely like just sitting around and taking in the culture through my in-laws.
Mirror, I will definitely take them to the museums. Thanks. Lebanese food is a must too. We will go. Thank you!

Stinni said...

My father loved going to my husband's family's dewaniya. My mother enjoyed eating with the female relatives on Eid. My father enjoyed "camping" in the desert with in-laws. They loved people watching in the malls. Gold Souks are nice too.

I liked bringing them with me to my usual errand/stores because (and excuse me if I get a little new-age on you) it somehow made those places feel like they were special. It's like they left some of their energy wherever they went.

Hope I made sense.

intlxpatr said...

I am hoping you are having a wonderful visit with your parents, and that you are seeing Kuwait anew through their eyes. I hope they can see how happy and well-taken-care-of you are, and that your parents and your husband's parents will adore each other.

Carly said...

Thank you both, Stinni and Intlxpatr! You have made me feel like I have a little family here too! I relish your insights and know that I will appreciate having had my parents walk my path both while they are here and after they have left, although I can't bear to think of them leaving already. :(
I think they will find that half-full cup for me and re-energize my sagging spirits...insha'Allah.
Again, I can't thank you both enough!
P.S. Do either of you know where you can find *condensed* milk here??

boojam said...

Hi Carly, haven't been around much lately, just had a trip to Bahrain, which could also be on your itinerary.
I always enjoy the Palm Palace Lebanese restaurant in Slamiya, the palms make it special. Take your parents to the Behbehani Compound near the RC cathedral. It's an area of old Kuwaiti housing and an art shop/gallery, Dar al Funoon. I don't know what they have there at the moment but it's always interesting. There are a number of restaurants around there also, one very trad and Lebanese. Quite charming.
Dar el Cid gallery, near New English School in Jabriya would be worth calling to find out what they have at the moment. (Call New English School on 5318060, they'll put you on to the gallery).
Also, Beit Lothan, an old art complex on the coast in Salmiya, right next to Marina Mall, if they don't have an exhibition, there are interesting shops selling beautiful and 'ethnic' stuff.
You sound a bit deflated, I hope that things will improve in the new year. And I hope your parents have a great time, mine did!

Mirror Polisher said...

Hi was your parents' trip? Are they still here?

Carly said...

Hey, Boojam...thanks for the help!
Mirror, thanks too. They are back in the US now. :(