Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Door

A door holds the promise of so much, and while it may seem cemented shut at times, often a determined pull will dislodge it from its resting state. I feel, so many times, that the door of my life it just waiting, waiting to be opened. What lies beyond? Perhaps we don't open the door because we feel the futility of it all: we know what lies on the other side; we have explored its possibilities; we are tired of its mundanity; we cannot muster the strength to budge it. Regardless of the reason for the apathy or lethargy, a closed door truly holds more potential than it appears. How many times have I walked away from an opportunity that could have been if I had only tried? What sights have I missed out on?
One can only lament lost chances,
and regret is the real bummer.


Intlxpatr said...

Is this another part of the transition thing, do you think, Carly? Hang in there, dear one.

For the most part, I live my life with no regrets. It's a conscious decision.

We can't know all the ramifications of the decisions and choices we make. We do the best we can. It's all we can do.

Carly said...

Hey Intlxpatr, no, this is just musing really. I was just actually feeling hopeful. :) Thanks!

Intlxpatr said...

;-) I have a thing about closed doors, and a thing about making a decision that will eliminate options, so I misunderstood. My bad!

Mirror Polisher said...

I am behind such door right now. the only thing holding me back from opening it is that I'm not sure if I want to leave the room yet.

Nice post