Sunday, December 16, 2007

Parents are Coming!

Hello all,

I am just putting out an open call for advice as to where to take my parents around Kuwait when they come on Dec. 28th. We have been thinking of taking a quick trip to Jordan to see Petra and other sites for a few days, but would like to get some ideas from any of yall who have favorite restaurants or sites around KW. My parents are not into malls or shopping, unless it is of traditional middle-eastern flair. Both of them are into art, literature, music, etc.
Any help is appreciated!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sign of the Times

I have thought it all to often, as I am sure countless other parents and 'grown-ups' have: children are not having a real childhood anymore. Granted, anyone could argue that childhood experiences will adapt to the times and change accordingly, but what has happened to kids today is more than that. The New York Times had an article that discusses the problem.
I have to admit that I am guilty of buying my son electronic devices that keep him away from really experiencing the world around him, but now I am stuck in a quandary: how do you connect with the natural world in a place like Kuwait? Oh, I know there is the sea, beach, and the desert, but it is not exactly accessible to me right now, given that I am not driving here yet, and I cannot walk to any of those places. Do I just wait for summer respite? And again, I am back to the same question...why doesn't Kuwait invest in ANYTHING other than MALLS????? Can't we offer anything to our children other than just growing up to be consumers or citizens of another country?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Door

A door holds the promise of so much, and while it may seem cemented shut at times, often a determined pull will dislodge it from its resting state. I feel, so many times, that the door of my life it just waiting, waiting to be opened. What lies beyond? Perhaps we don't open the door because we feel the futility of it all: we know what lies on the other side; we have explored its possibilities; we are tired of its mundanity; we cannot muster the strength to budge it. Regardless of the reason for the apathy or lethargy, a closed door truly holds more potential than it appears. How many times have I walked away from an opportunity that could have been if I had only tried? What sights have I missed out on?
One can only lament lost chances,
and regret is the real bummer.