Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Life Without R's

I have been putting off getting my Macbook fixed until we could get DSL, since I have the only connection through Zain, but now I am going to have to soon. My kids used my compute and have uined the lette R. Ganted it can still be pessed, but with much effot; theefoe, it will most often not show up in my posts, until I find a competent place to get it fixed.
Anyone know of a good place that woks on Macs hee in Kuwait? It's still unde waantee, but fom the US. It fequently feezes too, and when I squeeze it o pess the battey doo, it sometimes unfeezes. I think thee might be some electical poblem, but shot of it telling me itself, I may neve know.
On the positive side, we have had the wokmen come out to install the phone! They said thei pat was done and now we just have to wait fo thei manage to come tomoow, but that was a week ago. I think the manage is Kuwaiti and it could take a bit longe!
Oh, well at least it is a stat!


Mirror Polisher said...

LOL...I have the same problem wth my laptop only wth the letter 'I'

TOUCHE' said...

It would be a lovelie wold without "R"

Carly said...

mp, it's fusteating, no?
touche, lol

Kinano said...

LOOOOOL - reading this post out loud is a hooot :D

Carly said...

thanks, kinano :)