Friday, November 16, 2007

Mulla Nasrudin

When the sultan was visiting Nasrudin‘s town, he decided to put on a show for the locals for their entertainment and to foster his popularity. During the great festivities, the Sultan summoned his best swordsmen before the crowd.

The first approached the stage with a tiny little box, out of which a bee flew out, then, with a single blow of his sword, the bee was sliced in two. The crowd cheered in amazement! The second now walked onto the stage, with another small box, out of which a wasp flew out, then, with two swift blows of his sword, the wasp was chopped into three pieces. The crowd cheered in awe. The third swordsman, eager to meet the challenge, now pranced onto the stage, carrying a small little box out of which he let out a fly, then with three determined blows, he sliced the fly into four pieces. The crowd was going wild.

Not to be outdone, Nasrudin immediately rose to the occasion, he shuffled onto the stage amid the cheers of the crowd, with a makeshift little box in one hand and his sword in the other. As he opened his little box, a tiny mosquito flew out, then, with a flash, Nasrudin delivered a determined blow, but the mosquito continued to fly about, obviously still alive.

„A very ambitious attempt indeed Nasrudin,“ said the Sultan in a magnanimous, yet clearly disappointed tone, „but I see the mosquito is still alive!“

"When properly performed, circumcision is not supposed to kill, your Majesty!“ replied Nasrudin


Mirror Polisher said...

LOL I hadn't heard a Mulla Nasrudin story in a long time.

His stories always have a philosophical point, I guess the point people don't always appreciate your success especially if you slice it very thinly.

Carly said...

lol, mirror. so true, so true!