Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm trying real hard to be positive...

....but it's hard! Not only have we had major issue with appliances bought here, but also we still haven't gotten our shipment from the US. It's been in the port here since Aug., but due to a corrupt company in the US, we have been unable to get it! I hope all of our things are not ruined.
In addition to that, yesterday, I found out that somehow someone has intercepted my card info and has been on a buying spree in Florida. Great. The thing I cannot understand is how they do it? If they somehow got my info from online, how are they buying stuff in a gas station or CVS?
I don't know how some people can sleep at night!
Trying real hard to keep my chin up...


Stinni said...

Ay, ay, ay. I have a friend who bought a top-of-the-line American washing machine (made in Europe) and it ruined a load of very expensive clothing. Not only did the colors run, but a lot of her clothes were stretched. She returned it and got another brand.

I bought an American washing machine (top loading) and dryer and hate them. I was much happier with my cheapo LG front loading machine.

Appliance woes in Kuwait - welcome to them. :)

Hope you get your stuff soon.

Look on the bright side - the weather is fantastic right now.

P.S. There's a little store called Al Eshraf, next to McDonalds in Fahaheel (on the main road running parallel to the Gulf). They have books for adults and children downstairs and LOTS of art supplies and magazines on the ground level. Take a trip there, it might help to brighten your spirit.

Carly said...

Hey Stinni,
Thanks, I will definitely go look for that store. A little retail therapy just might help!

teagirl said...

Being positive is overrated, sometimes you need to stress out. That way when things fix themselves you can feel that much better ;p

It took our stuff three months to arrive from Arizona.. have faith :)

Carly said...

Hey Teagirl,
I guess I'm all set then. :) I seem to stress quite often.
Thanks for the comments.