Monday, November 05, 2007

Good News?

Ok, this could be considered good news:

"...the Ministry will cancel the licenses of expatriates holding Article 24 visas if they are involved in a tragic accident in a year while expatriates who will commit traffic violations leading to fatal accidents twice within the specified period will be deported as per the recommendations of the Legal Affairs Department at the Ministry."

if it weren't for that one painfully obvious and burning question...
where will they send the Kuwaitis who commit such offenses?


Joel said...

That's a little uncomfortable to hear. About the natives........

Joel said... could be in the Arabic newspaper!

snookie said...

racism.. really embarrassing.

This Lady Says said...

It means i can kill someone and not be deported, but u cant! Muwahahaha (evil laugh)

Seriously, though, i think its meant to scare non-native drivers (truck drivers, bus drivers, delivery men, etc) such as egyptians, indians, and so on who r often involved in careless fatal accidents.

The ministry did also come out with a strict law for the natives a while ago, only it wasn't implemented effectively.

Says a lot doesnt it?

Harmonie22 said...

Do you really want me to answer your ending question :-)

I'm the smart alec today.

It really is good to see you back in the saddle, DixieBedouin.

Carly said...

Hey yall!
Joel, it is uncomfortable. Maybe they could deport the Kuwaitis to Failaka(sp?) Island? :)

Snookie...yeah, hate it.

This Lady, you are right, I can see that some of the workers have no regard for this country or rules; what is puzzling is why the Kuwaitis themselves don't?

Hey Harmonie! yes, please answer! :) Thanks, I am slowly 'dehazing'.