Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Surfing in Strange Turf

It has been a long time since I last wrote. One might think that due to a frenzy of activity; if one did, then one would be wrong, however. Eid has come and gone...Eid Mubarak one and all, and a relative calm has fallen over the house. Need I stress the 'relative' part? I have spent many a night trying to herd my children to bed- chasing them from this room and that cousin-essentially prying fingers away from each other- to coax them to sleep, at a 'way past bedtime' time, in preparation for a day much more structured than home life.
Alas, we are still at the in-laws, and as such, we are party to the comings and goings of every person who deems it time to come and pay respects to the elders. It is not a bad thing, but it is nearly impossible to construct a routine for children here.
I did witness an usual thing the other night while riding down the highway...as I was looking around, something not quite right caught my eye. Something was moving on top of the car next to us! And as we exited and slowed to a stop for the light, I saw an extremely bewildered looking kitten atop the adjacent car. Poor creature, looked as if he was taking part in some new extreme animal sport: kitty car surfing, but I knew this was not in case. Thankfully my husband was able to coax the driver into pulling over and the the grateful cat escaped unharmed.
Although, as we drove off, I couldn't stop worrying about whether he would be forever fretfully scanning the crowds for familiar faces...


3baid said...

Poor kitty :o

Carly said...

i know...:(