Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

So, well, I am working on being positive and seeing that half-full cup right now. No, I will not look at the litter in my yard, (not put there by me) and I will not read the newspaper, and I will not listen to negative thoughts or words, and I will not critique Kuwaiti drivers, and I will not correct teachers' English, and I will not compare internet service providers with the US, and I will not lament the lack of vegetarian fare, and I will not poo-poo lamb brain stew?!!, and I will not curse at the poor traffic engineering, and I will not look sideways at the dust and wonder about its contents...this is Ramadan. I am trying; I am trying; oh please, I am trying.


skunk said...

lol welcome to kuwait and a happy ramadan to you too :P

chikapappi said...

Sounds like you're shutting yourself away from the rest of the world :) It's easier than that, just ignore :)

Stinni said...

Hey! You're finally here. I was beginning to think that you got here and hightailed it right back to the States.

Keep your chin up (we're half way through Ramadan) and if all else fails - there's Zoloft. :)

Carly said...

Hey Skunk! Thanks. :)

Chikapappi, thanks for stopping by. I don't think there is any chance of shutting myself away, darn it. :) I am trying, like I said, trying, trying...:)

Hey Stinni! I wrote to u on ur blog. I'm here, and if we can ever move into our house, we might be neighbors!

Harmonie22 said...

I'm afraid I insist that you 'poo-poo at the lamb brain stew' you've triggered a bad childhood memory :-)

Hang in there hun things will calm down after Ramadan- especially the madness on the roads.

Carly said...

Lol Harmonie, it is a vegetarian's nightmare, no? Peering into a pot and seeing a skull?!