Sunday, July 15, 2007

No Expat Administrators?

Ok, what the hay? International School Review is now recommending that teachers not return to Kuwait and those there consider leaving. It seems that the American teacher who finally got out, is now banned from going to any GCC country. To top it all off, now it appears that no expats will be allowed to hold administrative positions in schools in KW!!!! What does that mean for international schools?
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Kuwaitis holding whatever position that they, or any other person, are qualified to hold, but since when does nationality qualify as credentials? And how are 'international schools' going to remain international, if they are, in essence, Kuwaiti? Ahhh...someone shine a light on this for me, please!??


skunk said...

lol, welcome to kuwait :P

the government has a policy of "kuwaitization". thats actually what its called. the idea is that every company private or public should have a majority of its employees be local.

so according to the government, yes being kuwaiti automatically qualifies you.

its kind of like affirmative action.

i wouldnt worry too much about the international schools too much tho. if they enforce this the good schools will hire the best out there. most likely they'll be western educated as well.

Carly said...

thanks, skunk. It will still be odd tho, kind of like going to a Japanese restaurant that has Portuguese chefs. :P

Harmonie22 said...

This solution is equivalent to giving a cancer patient an aspirin and thinking it will make it all better.
The fact that this woman was banned is just another ridiculous example of 'wasta'. She probably doesn't want to come back to Kuwait anywy.

Skunk, Kuwaitization policy is important and is like affirmative action, but what if you don't find the right qualified Kuwaiti to do the job? Western education will help, but won't be enough if they don't have work experience to do the job.