Wednesday, July 04, 2007


For most of my years growing up in the US, the 4th of July has been about family, summer fun, and eating. I come from an atypical southern family; my parents have always been very progressive/liberal/open-minded in terms of education, politics, and religion. So, when it comes to the 4th, we were never bedecked in red, white, and blue finery. We didn't have gatherings regaling our attendants with patriotic lore.
What we did do was to enjoy a semi-mandated time of being together. When prior engagements and obligations fell away to allow for the luxury of simple pleasures: corn on the cob, beach, barbeque, bon fires, cole slaw, sparklers, baked beans, and fireworks.
I suppose all celebrations take on their own flavor and individual style, and when in the future, I find myself separated from country and family, I hope I will find a way to create family celebrations that are as evocative and nostalgic for my children.


Jewaira said...

I hope it was a happy day for you :)

Carly said...

Thank you, Jewaira. Hope your day was a good one as well. :)

Magical Droplets said...

Happy fourth of July :D
*lights fireworks*

As a kid I really loved celebrations. Life is all about creating memories and these special days give you something to reminisce on later on as an adult. What i loved most was how the whole family used to gather together.

*goes to look at old family albums*

Carly said...

Thank you, Magical. You are right. It matters less where you are than who you are with.

boojam said...

Hi Carly, oddly, the adolescents never mentioned that it was 4th July yesterday, and being a Brit, it didn't occur to me. However on Saturday, I am goig to taking a tape of Springsteen's in and I shall ceremoniously play 'Born in the USA' Perhaps that will put a smile on their faces!
Back to UK for a couple of weeks, then to Estepona, southern Spain to stay with friends and to say hello to sunshine, which UK has not seen this year, apparently, then back again to UK and then good old Kuwait on 24th. Not very exotic, but good enough. I think blogging will thin out....