Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What to Bring to Kuwait?

We just came back from my niece's high school graduation. I can't believe how quickly time has flown. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was graduating high school, in actuality it was MANY moons ago, and getting ready for college. Anyway...

As the time draws near, I am starting to panic about packing all of our things up and getting them to KW. Then I started thinking about what things I should really stock up on to bring there. I know some things are much cheaper or more accessible here. My husband always says sheets are better and cheaper here. Does anyone have any other 'must brings'?

I must add that I am simply dreading that flight with two children and a little baby! I always get so anxious: baby crying/people staring.


Jewaira said...

It is best to be prepared for long flights by preparing each of the children with a backpack of amusements (depending on their ages - a favourite book, electronic handheld game- puzzle/word games book/ colouring books or doodle pad / playing cards.

For the baby, you need to make sure you can nurse her or give her something to suck on during take off and descent to help her with the pressure on her ears. If you start on time, she will not cry at all. I have never had a child cry on a plane because of that.

Of course that goes for the older children as well: mints or candies to suck on will help. And they can always be told that they have to help mommy - gives them a sense of responsibility

Jewaira said...

As for what to bring to Kuwait, you will find everything here. Quality linen may be cheaper so if you want to bring a few sets why not? Don't worry we may live in a desert environment but there are many shops :P

skunk said...

yeah i doubt theres anything you couldnt find here, apart from foodstuffs.

household items are in abundance cos of the perpetual housing boom here. and you'll be able to find everything from top of the range stuff,.. which will cost you more,.. right down to bargain basement crap made in china.

the only things i do bring back after a trip is mostly food. oh and maybe some good books, they have bookshops here but they prety much suck and are over priced.

Stinni said...

When I moved here nearly ten years ago, I would stock up on all sorts of stuff from the States to bring back with me to Kuwait. But these days you can find everything you need here. I agree with Skunk in that you may want to stock up on books but again, I find a lot of good books at Jarir Bookstore and I find their prices are fair, and even cheaper than what the books go for in the States.

Good luck on the plane. Jewaira already gave you all of the mommy advice and was right on target.

Carly said...

Hey Jewaira,
Thanks for the advice. It has been over 6 years since I have been to KW, and my husband tells me that it is indeed changing. I'm glad to know I don't have to hoard up a bunch of things. About the crying baby, I am just way too concerned with inconveniencing others, my friends joke about me not turning left when there are too many cars behind me!

Hi Skunk,
Thanks. I will be bringing books. I have been checking Amazon's prices for shipping, but they seem extreme! I hope we can find a house w/bookshelves...I have a good many. :)

Hey Stinni,
Thanks for stopping in. I am going to have to write down all of the names of places yall have given. I think my husband must be a bit of a hermit when he's not w/us.