Sunday, June 10, 2007

To Be a Vegetarian

I have been a vegetarian since 1985, and I have come to rely on all of the wonderful meatless companies here in the US. But what will there be in KW? The last time I was there, about 6 years ago, there was nothing in the way of soy products and not much in the way of fast foods, except for Haloumy cheese. I know being a vegetarian is not popular in KW, but is anyone else out there in the same boat?


skunk said...

i'm not a veggie, but last time i was out shopping i did see quite a bit of vegetarian food here. nothing like what youre used to i'm sure, but there some.

i think they even have saudi produced soy milk now.

be prepared to pay thru the nose :D

Carly said...

Hey Skunk,
That is encouraging at least.
Wow, Saudi Soy milk...somehow that seems strange...:)

Stinni said...

I've seen Morningstar products at Sultan Center. You can find a lot of soy based products - milk, cheese, even sour cream made from soy. (Are you vegan?) You can even find tofu here.

I think you will like the local produce, it has come a long way since I moved here nearly ten years ago.

The nice thing for vegetarians in Kuwait is that you can get vegetarian "fast food" like falafel, kushari, fetayer with cheese, etc. A lot of the Lebanese mezzas are vegetarian (hummous, baba ganoush, fatoush, tabbouleh, etc.)Even McDonalds and Burger King offer vegetarian burgers - but they're full of grease, so I don't recommend them.

My husband and I eat chicken and I need meat once in a while but other than that, we tend to eat a lot of vegetarian meals. It will be easy for you here, don't worry.

Carly said...

Yeah! That's wonderful. I do eat tofu. That was a hard one to get my husband to like, but when we lived in Boston, he got used to it.
I am not a vegan. That's too strict, no leather products, etc.
I do love the cukes in KW and will look forward to trying other local produce.
I am going to watch my favorite reality show....Hell's Kitchen. The new season just started. You should like that one, Stinni. :)

Stinni said...

Wait, you lived in Boston? Cool. I'm from Massachusetts.

Over here, the season finale of Hell's Kitchen (season 2)is on this week. I love Gordon Ramsey, he swears like a Bostonian! :)

Carly said...

Hey Stinni,
Yes, I lived in Boston for around 3 years and then central NY for about 7 years. Although I am a southerner born and bred, I still favor the northeast. I miss it!
Hell's Kitchen season 3 has had two episodes so far. It looks like it's going to be a good one; alas, I won't be here for the finale.
I love G.R. too!

boojam said...

Hi Carly, looks like I'm a bit late on this bandwagon, but I can confirm the availability of a range of veggie stuff. I have many v. friends and they do pretty well. I'm not really v. myself, but as I'm too idle to cook, to all intents I am. I don't do the tofu thing, but eat loads of veg and fruit. My only concession to meat is tinned sardines and tuna (omega 3s etc) and I'm alive, kicking and healthy. I think.
As to your most recent posting, yes isn't it astonishing the misapprehensions people have about places far afield? Mind you there are signs (or were, they've been stolen) at the slip roads onto motorways, (freeways?)prohbitting the riding of camels. So perhaps misapprehension is not so surprising. Check this.

Carly said...

Thanks boojam,
Well, I must say, I feel better about my prospects now. :) I, too, will indulge in fish from time to time; however, isn't there some speculation about the safety of local catch these days?
I responded to the rest of your post on your site. Thanks!