Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Time is Drawing Near

I got our tix for KW the other day...time is drawing near. I guess we will be arriving just in time for the electricity outages and blistering heat (and I don't even like hot weather!).
We decided to take the non-stop to KW. I don't know which is worse, but I do hate getting off the plane in Heathrow just to sit and wait in the lounge with all of the other dilapidated looking folks, and with children too.
There is something very leveling about travel, especially by plane. People are all equally at the mercy of greater forces; (meaning air traffic control, pilots, etc.) I know we are always under the control of a greater force, but international travel just brings it down full force! It is definitely a test of patience.
I must ashamedly admit that last time I flew Kuwait Air, I got so mad at the flight attendants, I think I thoroughly embarrassed my husband. But, I had had enough of their unequal treatment of folks, and when I saw one of them being rude to a child from a southeastern Asian country, I just lost it!
Alas, my rantings did nothing but purge my anger, and no one else seemed to give a crap about it.
I think I get a little crazed too, being cooped up all that time. And I try to not think about the fact that we are flying over the ocean. (For a crazy period in my life, before I got my Master's, I was a flight attendant for Delta, and so I remember practicing for ditchings, a.k.a. crashing in the water!)
Yes, there is nothing like flying to make you fully appreciate the fact that, at least for the interim, you have absolutely no control over your life.

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