Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Love Nasruddin/Joha Tales

Once Nasruddin bought some meat and asked his wife to prepare kababs.
But his wife felt tempted and ate it all herself.
When asked, she blamed the house cat.
The amount of meat being one kilogram,
it was hard for Nasruddin to believe that a cat could eat so much.
So he weighed the cat on a balance. It weighed exactly one kilogram.
Nasruddin exclaimed: ''If this is the same cat, then where is the meat?
Or, if this is the meat, then where has the cat gone?''


EniGma said...

had no idea that was juha jeje

Carly said...

Yes, I think yall call him Joha in Kuwait? And in Turkey and Iran the call him Mulla Nasruddin.