Friday, May 25, 2007


...And the livin' is easy? Well, maybe it used to be, but is it anymore? Sure, we have help with the housework, and technology has made humongous leaps forward, but isn't life just much more complicated now in a way that will never allow for 'easy livin'?

How I long for those days whose hours stretched out before me languidly, allowing for the sinful indulgence in leisure. It seems like now, summer is just a tease. Once you are finished with all of the appointments and obligations you neglected during the school year, and you just start to settle into the schedule of the summer day, it is all cruelly yanked away by the realization of its impending end. And face it, once you know that there is only a week or two left, summer has suddenly lost its allure, as you begin the dreaded countdown of its remaining days.

Ok, I sound like a pessimist, I know. Maybe I am just a long lost relative of Thoreau; maybe I am a closet hippie, or maybe I am just like Ferdinand the bull who 'loved to just sit, and smell the flowers.'

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