Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Room to breathe or Easy commute?

Ok, so now we have to choose, because we will have to rent a place until we can build our own house...insha'Allah, insha'Allah. So, do we rent a place that is closer in to the kids' school and hubby's work but is much smaller, or a larger place that is farther away?

I keep hearing all of the horror stories about driving there, and I am seriously thinking about looking for a tank to drive over there. ;) BUT, seeing as how the kids won't be playing outside that much, due to the charring factor, perhaps it would be wiser to go for more space.

Is there any hope for a subway?



lzetraffic... better not to talk about it...

skunk said...

i think room to breathe would be best especially since youve got kids.

thing is, if you go for the easy commute, chances are it'll only look easy on paper. a 10KM drive would still take you an hour if you take because almost everyone else has also opted for the easy commute.

for example, if your kids went to a school in jabriya, and you decided to live in salmiya or hawally, just getting out of hawally or salmiya at peak times can take as long as driving in from mahboula.

and its almost always peak time in those areas.

i reckon you might as well enjoy a larger space and a mostly hassle free drive up to the jam near the school, instead of a jam all the way from your front door to the school.

and back.

hope that helped :D

Carly said...

Thanks for stopping by clezevra. :)

Hey Skunk, good to see u again. As always, you have good advice! Would you still say the same about the difference between living in Bayan and living in Mangaf??

skunk said...

hmmm, thats a tricky one, especially since i havent been down to bayan during peak hours in a long long time.

i suppose it depends on where your kids go to school. if its near bayan, say in jabriya or hawally then bayan might be a pretty decent compromise,.... it is close and you could probably get a pretty decent villa there. they would be pretty pricey i think rent wise. mangaf would be cheaper and possibly bigger.

but last i recall, bayan doesnt get too bad and there are alot of decent exits from the area too.

mangaf aint bad either, again because of quite few ways to get in/out of mangaf onto the highways.

lol i hope this has been helpfull in its own wishywahsy way :P

Carly said...

Thanks, Skunk. It was helpful. What we have found is that a floor in a house in Bayan is comparable to a whole house is Mangaf. I think we *will* go for space, just makes more sense. Thanks again! :)