Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Planet

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An odd planet the size of Neptune, made mostly of hot, solid water, has been discovered orbiting a nearby star and offers evidence that other planets may be covered with oceans, European astronomers reported on Wednesday.

Called GJ 436b, the planet orbits quickly around a cool, red star some 30 light-years away, the team at the Geneva Observatory said.

'It's not a very welcoming planet,' Frederic Pont, an astronomer who helped make the discovery, said in a telephone interview. The planet is hot because it is near its star and under high pressure because of its mass...."

When I read stuff like this, I always imagine some creatures on a distant planet viewing images of the newly discovered planet Earth and wondering about its could easily say that Earth 'is not a very welcoming planet' either, right now. Scratch that; it is the Earthlings that are not always so welcoming.

On a similar, yet totally different note: I am so encouraged to read that the Kuwait schools will be implementing a Japanese program that teaches environmental awareness! That is progress.

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