Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kuwait: Summer Destination?

Here we go again...I remember when I first went to Kuwait. It was a July many years ago, when our daughter was about 3 months old. Ahhh, I was so naive then. When we first got off of the plane and stepped onto the jetway I thought, "It is like an oven in here! I wonder why they keep the temperature so hot?" I was about to learn that that oven was not the jetway, rather Kuwait itself.
I have always loved the northeast US. Even though I am a born and raised southern girl, if I had my druthers, I'd live up north. That is where I met my husband and where we subsequently lived for many years, soaking up, what I consider, beautiful weather: falls where the air was light and crisp, giving me what my father says are 'quick eyes', he says people in the south are usually 'slow eyed' (you have to say that with his very southern drawl to truly appreciate it); winter with its snow that made it feel like the whole city was snuggled up under a blanket; spring that was bursting with blooms, colors, and light; summer that was tolerable - not too hot.
I have always abhorred hot weather. Now, is someone testing me? Cause, I found that I was always spending my summers in the middle of the south, oh, the humidity, or in Kuwait! Ok, I could handle the stints away from my preferred climate, but now, now, I am again living in the coastal south and getting ready to move to Kuwait - in the summer!
I remember one summer, in Kuwait, when I donned the abaya and went down by the sea to a place with rides for the children...It felt like someone was shooting hairdryers up my skirt, continuously. I nearly passed out.
I keep thinking - with all the money that Kuwait has, can't they find a way to fix the climate? Dubai has the indoor skiing; can't Kuwait get air-conditioned parks?


eshda3wa said...

the whole country should have one big AC over it!

word to the wise, dont go out during the day

sun set is when they day starts in the summer

oh and now most malls have little amusement/ arcade places for kids

Carly said...

Wouldn't that be great? 'Course, it probably wouldn't be great for the environment. Thanks for the advice. I think I learned my lesson about going out!:)