Friday, May 04, 2007

Books or boobs?

Ok, for anyone out there who has wastah, or knows someone who is the business to open in Kuwait. Please, please, please!!!

How can a country not have a bookstore?

How can an Islamic country not have a bookstore when the first thing was a command to read!

How can there be such an emphasis on the concern over sexuality, ( I understand this is against Islam-it is the disparity that drives me crazy) and no concern, what-so-ever over violence?? Look at the video games for sale and the movies they show on T.V. with no censorship!

Someone, anyone, in KW, please open a big ol' bookstore. I promise, I will keep your profits up!


Delicately Realistic said...

There are 2 'biggish' bookstores in kuwait..

Jareer Bookstore in Hawally


the Muthana bookstore in Muthana Complex

I find both to provide better service and variety than Virgin.

Transparently said...

Amen to that.

Carly said...

Thanks. How current are they with literature? Do they stock NY Times best sellers? Children's award winning books, etc.?

The Simper said...

hats off to you my dear..

their is 'Borders'. 'Barnes and Noble' too.. another one is 'Hastings'.

but our problem is cencorship! i don't know how people are still thinking while we have the internet and the tv channels!! also.. we do travel!! for god's sake.. i can buy what ever i want when i am abroad!!

if i can't buy books and read.. i have brains and i can think! and this my dear, scares the hell out of those who are sitting on their chairs and don't wana get of them.. and then can't do anything else other than ordering people to do whatever!..

did i say lots?

thanks for ur post..

eshda3wa said...

amen to that!

ill definitly keep profits up!

Carly said...

Simper, I agree and thanks for your comment. Why, though, are they so scared about sexuality and not about violence? Viewing both is haram, no?

Thanks for stopping by Eshda3wa :)

boojam said...

Thanks for the comment. I always bring 10 or so books from UK on my return, but there is a second hand bookshop, which I think is a gem, in Safat Tower, 1st or mezzanine, opposite the Post Office on Fahad al Salem Street, close to the Sheraton in the city. It's small but intimate, and the staff know what they've got. They buy books of course, so if you are inclined, you can offload. Good reading. I'll pop back from time to time.