Saturday, April 07, 2007

Please forgive me

I am so sorry to all of you who have been kind enough to reply to my rambling posts. I am new to blogging and didn't realize there were comments for me to moderate. :(
Anyway, I took a hiatus as well because I had my baby! He is great, and my husband came over to the states for a month to be with us. THAT wouldn't happen with a job in the US! I am also planning my imminent move to Kuwait. It promises to be quite emotional.
My daughter is already making plans to return to the states for high school, and my son, well, he just wants to have friends to run around with.
We have applied to ASK and just have to have the children tested to get in. I hope that is not a problem though. It is kind of crazy; my children are going to go to a school I have yet to visit or see!
Another worry now...I have been following the bird flu scare, and so I am wondering...what the heck kind of timing is this move!!! Am I crazy to be packing up 3 children and moving to Kuwait when its neighbors are warring, pollution is skyrocketing, and the bird flu is spreading?
Ok, I know things are not that great in the US either, but then again, we can just escape our problems over here by the 'new fall line-up' or the latest technology or trends.

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