Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Grow Up

Even though people grow older on the outside, on the inside we often still feel the same. The sometimes painful eventuality that one day we look in the mirror and do not recognize ourselves is disconcerting to say the least. It kind of forces some people to grow up on the inside too. Maybe that partially explains the ever-upward movement of the age of adulthood in the US: we are looking younger through fitness and plastic surgery; therefore, we need not grow up yet. Where have all the adults gone? Where have all of the parents gone? "What me I am not a just a mother; I am my children's best friend!" What I know, after spending years in the education world, is that the kids don't want parents as best friends. They really do want someone to guide them. It's scary for them on their own. Plus, it looks really stupid for 40 something year olds to be wearing teen clothes, no matter how fit they are. Uck, I sound like a grown up. When did that happen?

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