Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Ok, can someone tell me what is going on over there (Kuwait)? My husband assures me that everything is kosher, (saying Halal just doesn't have the same effect) but everytime I read the Arab Times online, some poor girl has been taken to the desert and raped by 'Kuwaiti youths'! I know someone else told me that the AT is sort of a tabloidish paper, but they can't be fabricating these stories, can they? I think Kuwait really needs to look into expanding opportunites for the youth there. My feeling is, from talking to nephews and nieces-in-law, that so many people are just bored. Now, don't get me wrong, that raping, pillaging, and various other crimes are a viable means of outlet, but it does seem that if there were plenty of choices and avenues for kids to take, they might be more fulfilled and otherwise engaged. It is really basically the same here, I guess. If you look at who is committing most of the crime, I would guess that much of it comes from youth that has less access to hope and opportunity.
Well, on a lighter? note, I am almost completely wiped out with shopping...Has anyone ever noticed how in the south everyone always asks you, "Are you ready for Christmas?" What does that mean exactly? Have you totally exceeded your credit and wiped out your savings? People in the north just don't ask you those kinds of things...of course one could make the case that they really don't want to take the time to wait for your answer, or that they simply don't care. Either way, I guess I am a bit of a northerner at heart. I am so messed up.
Merry Eid all!


coolfreak said...

When you're bored you goto the mall, maybe play video games. NOT RAPE! Those people who do that, whom I don't even know if they really exsist, no matter how young should be dealt with. This is a sickness rather than a venting mean. But I don't think it's true or else someone should raise hell, had it been true and there are no controversies, the bastards incharge aren't doing their jobs right.

Tiger said...

easy, Kuwait is a very peaceful country compared to the world, one or two or maybe three rape crimes a year is just nothing compared to other countries you won't even notice it here, i'm sure that you're going to have a nice time here.

You are a Painter? What kind of art you present?

Desert Girl said...

I am so glad you commented on my blog because now I have discovered yours! People in the North don't comment on Christmas because they'd have to be far more PC: "Are you ready for Hannuka/Kwanza/Christmas/Eid?"

The Arab Times is a bit of a rag, but so are ALL the newspapers over here. Ok, take into account that the average salary for an editor is around $700 a MONTH and you'll understand why.

Kuwait has a big problem with young boys. There are a lot of reasons for this, but considering the fact that many of them were here during the occupation by Iraq and witnessed horrific events and had NO post-traumatic stress councelling - it adds to an already bad problem. 40% of the population here is under 30 and there are limited social activities.

Carly said...

Ok, I'm really sorry yall. I hope someone sees this. I didn't realize I had the moderate comments turned on, and I didn't think I had any. :( Anyway,coolfreak, I agree with what you said, and I hope that the instances of such awful things is on a downswing.
Also, Tiger, I am sure that the cases of rape are so much fewer in proportion even, but I just hope that MUCH is being to do deter such crimes, as well as the punishment for them. I am a painter. My work is much influenced by the abstract expressionists.
Desert Girl, you are right about PC in the north, but people in the south just assume that everyone thinks like they do and are horrified/shocked if they don't!(i know, i know, not ALL southerners). The boy problem is representative of the seeming dismissal of mental health over there. It seems like you're either fine or crazy'!