Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Does anyone else out there worry.....??

Does anyone else out there worry about Kuwait? I am not living there right now, but I am a little concerned about bringing my family there to live when the country whose borders almost totally envelope it is falling completely apart...Does anyone in Kuwait worry about that?
The first time I went to Kuwait was several years after the first "Desert Storm". I was constantly having awful visions of the Kurds and thinking of Saddam. Now, Saddam is almost completely gone and I worry: Is there any hope that Iraq can pull together a unified country before they completely kill off the Sunnis or Shia? Just one of the many *pleasant* thoughts that I have swirling about my hormone-laden mind these days. I really am starting to think that pregnancy and children slowly dissolve some of the ol' gray matter.
I think worrying is hereditary too. I come from a long line of worriers. My father is the king of worry. I remember being in our house in the mountains of VA when I was young and getting a litany of things not to do when he and my mother went for a hike: Don't ride the ponies, don't strike any matches, don't go in the creek, don't play with the tractors, etc.. I finally found out, when I was in college,(duh!) that many of the deterents he imployed to keep us from doing things were simply not true: If you are watching tv and lighting strikes it, everone in the room can go blind! Well, you should have seen the looks on friends faces when I told them that! Thanks, Dad. He used to say: When you are riding your bikes, girls, be careful because the 'new cars' engines are so quiet they can sneak up behind you and run you over! I think John Irving must have met my father. I can just see myself riding my bike while periodically paranoidly glancing backwards....the undertoads strikes again!
Anyway, the point is that my father is an extreme worrier, so was his mother, and I am sure it goes back to some person in our family who, while painting his face blue and baying at the moon, was warning his offspring not to look to closely for fear of damaging his eyes!

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