Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I have two major events in the works, as it were. One is the pregnancy, and the other is the move overseas. Both of these ocassions carry with them reason for anxiety; although, I do feel like staying in the states to have the baby was probably the best decision for us. I have read about the quality of nurse care in Kuwait, and it does seem to be lacking.
I guess one learns how to be one's true self when stripped of native culture. I will have to raise this child differently from the others because I won't have my own culture surrounding and supporting the effort. It will be interesting to compare the differences in the children, as a result. (Not that they would have been the exact same if all were raised here, but you know what I mean).
I will say that I am very weary of surface-level conversation and concerns. I do hope to find some people in Kuwait who are more interested in important matters than who is doing what to whom and how s/he looks. Our society is really going downhill. Whoever believes in 'evolution', meaning that things/people are getting better, needs to seriously reevaluate. I was talking to a grandmother, of course she was only 50!, at the Halloween carnival at my children's school, and she and I were commenting on the fact that teenagers don't seem to get embarrassed anymore. Then she said, "I would have never watched some of the things on tv with my parents that my children do with me!" How ironic...and to never see the connection.

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