Friday, October 27, 2006

The First Blog Entry...Moving to Kuwait

Ok, so I am new to this...And yes, there are expectations of eloquence, relevence, and titilation. There are also those conventions to address: Will I adhere to proper grammar? Will I follow a typical form of writing, or will it be a stream-of-consciousness? Is there a spell-check on this baby? Anyway, forgive me, but I think I will just wing this and let the errors fall where they may.
I am getting ready to move Kuwait in the spring. It is a daunting thought. On the one hand, I am so ready for a different way of life, and then on the other, I don't want to romanticize this Walden Pondish escape to the truly mundane life of the desert. I know there will be tremendous challenges ahead of us. My children will have to adjust to a new school and a new way of socializing. My only hope is that they can make one or two really good friends. That will greatly assuage my anxiety.


PALFORCE said...

Born in Kuwait and living in the heart of Dixie I can assure you that life in Kuwait is alot easier and more luxuriuos than the states.

Relax, start looking for ladies in your situation who live in kuwait, there are many.

I'm moving there with my flock next summer.


Carly said...

Yes, thank you. I AM looking forward to having some help with the kids and housework. I guess I mostly worry about education. I appreciate your comments. Thanks, Palforce.